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Yellax possesses a motivated and passionate team of hardware and software engineers. Our core values are optimism, openness, reliability and independence. We like to deliver added value by continuously focusing on efficiency.

  • Motivated & passionate
  • Open and honest
  • Focus on efficiency
  • Engineers with domain knowledge

Project support

Engineers full of passion and domain knowledge

Yellax engineers can help you to design industrial controls at your premises. They distinguish themselves through an open culture where knowledge sharing and efficiency are central. Does your team need support from an experienced hardware or software engineer?

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What do we do?

Our engineers have experience in various industries (infrastructure, water, chemicals, food, etc.), which includes working with machine builders, system integrators and end users. They have extensive experience with popular engineering applications used in the market.


The Yellax hardware engineer can help you to design your electrical controls and installation. Our team possesses considerable knowledge about various engineering applications, including: Eplan, AutoCAD, SEE Electrical and WS CAD. Our engineer will help you to (further) improve the efficiency of your design team and, in keeping with Yellax culture, will show an open and honest attitude, job satisfaction and passion.

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The PLC/HMI/SCADA software engineer from Yellax will help you to design, implement, test and commission your industrial controls. The team possesses a great deal of knowledge about various engineering applications, including: Siemens, Rockwell, Beckhoff, B&R, Omron, Phoenix, ABB and Schneider Electric. Our engineer will help you to (further) improve efficiency in your design team, and efficiency in programming structures, standardisation and generation. In addition, the engineer will reflect Yellax culture, and always show an open and honest attitude, job satisfaction and passion.

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Story of a Yellax engineer

Working at Yellax gives me the opportunity to look behind the scenes at various companies. It encourages me to use my knowledge to offer added value to every company. At the same time, it allows me to invest in myself by being open to other working methods and different perspectives at different customers. As a person, I fully enjoy this unique blend.

Ronald Stout
Hardware Engineer

Story of a Yellax engineer

In my role as hardware engineer, I enjoy helping customers with issues encountered in their processes. It is satisfying when you not only see projects running smoothly, but also see your colleagues growing during the process. I get my energy from acting proactively during the process. I am happy to take matters into my own hands and encourage the team to work together to focus on our goal. We end the week with our close-knit Yellax family, which helps to keep our work enjoyable.

Dwight Bruno
Hardware Engineer

Our engineers

Adriaan van Commenee
René Klijn
Sven Velthuis
Jacques de Beer
Evert Jan van Essen
Raymon Both
Dwight Bruno
Maurits Duel
Sjoerd Koppen
Rik de Gast
Frank Verhülsdonk
Carlo Stam
Bryan Van Ooijen
Michel Mooren
Martijn Maaswinkel
Dion Koenders
Robert Eikhout
Robert Braakman
Wilger Tuk
Michel Mansveld
Hein Overeijnder
Edwin Draijer
Arwin Westerman

Customers about Yellax

"Because it was a new-build project involving a lot of repetition, it was an extraordinary project for Typical Manager®. This software platform helped us to spend more time on actual engineering."

Harry van Wieren

Accountmanager, Beenen