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02 December 2021

10 tips when focusing on project results

We would like to share 10 tips for an optimal project result. In a logical structure, according to the...

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27 October 2021

The amazing Compact Disc! Or do you prefer Spotify?

Millions of songs. Whenever you want and with just one click on your phone. Not so long ago, this seemed...

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16 March 2021

The 5 main benefits of classification for electrical product management

Excellent product data management provides great benefits. Especially in electrical engineering, where...

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25 January 2021

Value creation with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, the future for companies? Value creation with Artificial Intelligence (AI)...

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24 November 2020

Let engineers rediscover their strengths!

As a project engineer you repeatedly face the same challenge: a new project, a new start. But in practice...

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27 October 2020

An intelligent P&ID

Sound familiar? The P&ID (Piping & Instrumentation Diagram) is not always prepared in the most...

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21 July 2020

Software standardisation: the ins-and-outs

As has been outlined in a previous blog, standardisation (preferably multidisciplinary) has become a...

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23 June 2020

Why should there actually be standardisation within the industry?

Standardisation is high on the agenda for many companies. Ask a group of people whether they have a standard...

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22 June 2020

Quality of product data in CAD

Excellent product data is a determining factor during the engineering process. There are many problems...

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08 May 2020

Hardware engineering: can we do things differently?

A Flip-Thinking calendar hangs in a prominent place next to the coffee...

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31 March 2020

Projects within the industry: ′standard different?′

When it comes to standardization or defining configurations, the question of whether this is possible...

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30 March 2020

Searching technical product data can be done more efficiently!

As an engineer, you are continuously dealing with electrical products during the design of the electrical...

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06 March 2020

Structuring and coding with ISO / IEC-81346

When people want to discuss technical systems in practice, confusion often arises, due to no common terminology...

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10 December 2019

PackML: an industrial technical standard

At the onset of a software standardisation project, Yellax is regularly asked whether an existing technical...

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25 January 2019

Scrum makes your work more efficient.. and more fun

Scrum is a term that you hear more and more often. The question is whether it is simply a hype, or whether...

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