Does it take a lot of time to manage and search for products, and are they managed across multiple platforms?

  • Search and compare product data
  • Unambiguous and of high quality
  • Integration with other platforms
  • Always and everywhere available


Your digital catalogue for your own electrical products

You are able to efficiently manage, find and select your electrical products (articles) digitally. This reduces your article management time, while increasing your data quality. BeeFinity allows you to create your own digital catalogue, add and compare products from online data pools and personally control all product-related data.

Do the following situations sound familiar to you?

  • Product data in your organisation is managed across multiple platforms;
  • Data is managed and edited by several people, each with a different method and name; Methods and processes are not standardised;
  • It takes engineers a long time to create and find products in the current approach;
  • Alternative products in your different platforms (software applications) due to incomplete or different information.

Curious about the possibilities?

We will gladly show you how everything works.

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Customers about Yellax

"Because it was a new-build project involving a lot of repetition, it was an extraordinary project for Typical ManagerĀ®. This software platform helped us to spend more time on actual engineering."

Harry van Wieren

Accountmanager, Beenen

"Yellax is focused on actually improving the customer's process, with an equal communication and high response speed."

Piet Bosma, Strategic Advisor

Strategic Advisor, Van Riet

"Yellax listens well to us and thinks along with you in solutions. Yellax is ready to help us."

Gilbert Schroevers, Engineer

Engineer, SPIE Nederland B.V.

Consultancy, Project Support, Typical Manager & BeeFinity

Optimise your processes, but also allow the optimisation process to flow efficiently. That's where Yellax excels. Your inefficiencies and human errors are reduced to the minimum.

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