Typical Manager

From a joint objective to a managed change! Typical Manager can be used together with a wide range of applications.

  • Securing knowledge and a standard
  • Increase the quality
  • Shorten the Time-To-Market
  • Application independent

Typical Manager

Improve your competitive position and your distinctive character

Do you want to eliminate repetitive tasks when designing industrial control systems? Does your data continuously change during the project, whereby time is wasted and quality is no longer safeguarded? Typical Manager embeds knowledge and standards into models, thus leading to efficient design processes. All this is done from a single database. The result? High-quality designs are realised faster, and knowledge and quality are safeguarded. You will also give your engineers more opportunities to focus on (technological) innovation.

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Standardisation and quality improvement start with the right workflow. Typical Manager allows you to realise a structured process flow. Below you will find the structure of the application, and the various add-ons that can be acquired modularly according to your wishes.

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Customers about Yellax

"Because it was a new-build project involving a lot of repetition, it was an extraordinary project for Typical ManagerĀ®. This software platform helped us to spend more time on actual engineering."

Harry van Wieren

Accountmanager, Beenen

"We achieve time savings of an estimated 30 percent by preventing errors and automating repetitive tasks. We were able to quickly benefit from the benefits of Typical Manager, because our engineers were already used to working in this way."

Marc Vermee

Adviseur besturingstechniek, Hoppenbrouwers

"Yellax listens well to us and thinks along with you in solutions. Yellax is ready to help us."

Gilbert Schroevers, Engineer

Engineer, SPIE Nederland B.V.

Consultancy, Project support, Typical Manager & BeeFinity

Optimise your processes, but also allow the optimisation process to flow efficiently. That's where Yellax excels. Your inefficiencies and human errors are reduced to the minimum.

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