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We are innovative and inventive, and continuously improve ourselves. We are prepared to share our knowledge and will never hide relevant information from customers.

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Our origin, mission and vision

Our origin

Yellax, which was founded in 2001, originated from the grass roots. The company is based on people’s dissatisfaction with design errors, repetitive tasks and inflexibility in design processes. We want to make a demonstrable contribution to the growth of people and organizations. By means of a powerful product and service combination, we want to be the most valued knowledge party within the industry and infra to optimise design processes and to make the optimisation process run efficiently and share this knowledge actively.

We use an enthusiastic and passionate team to work on the future of the industry. We are genuinely proud of our team!


We strengthen the value proposition of our customers by optimizing their industrial design processes by means of our deep diving expertise and powerful combination of software and services.


We aim to see forward-thinking customers becoming prepared for the future by delivering top performances through engineering in an efficient and multidisciplinary way.

Who are we

We have passionate employees and are unique in our knowledge sharing

Optimise processes by facilitating people. Creating employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction via an open culture and knowledge sharing.

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Establishment Simec Engineering

Simec Engineering (Now Yellax Nederland) originated from the grass roots due to dissatisfaction about inefficiently designed industrial controls. As a sole trader, Patrick Vergeer started designing electrical machine controls from his attic on April 1, 2001. Patrick developed the "Typical Manager" software application because people were dissatisfied with repetitive tasks, inflexibility and high error-sensitivity in design processes.


Name change Yellax Engineering B.V.

Simac legally forces Simec Engineering to renounce its 'Simec Engineering' name. At that time, Patrick and Sylvia gave birth to Axell. The name Yellax was formed using the balloons in the maternity room of Jelle, Britt and Axell. "Yel" from Jelle and "Ax" from Axell. For a long time, Britt believed that the B.V. abbreviation actually stood for Britt Vergeer! She knows better in the meantime 😊


Relocation Yellax

The promotion of Typical Manager starts to pay off. It is thus necessary to move to a larger location. Yellax is now located at Edisonweg 1, IJsselstein.


12.5 year anniversary Yellax

Celebration of the 12.5 year anniversary of Yellax with Hein Vergeer as guest speaker, who mentioned the similarities between elite sport and entrepreneurship.


Start of BeeFinity development and shareholder participation

"Development on Article Manager (now BeeFinity) started in 2016. This is a web application for efficiently managing and finding electrical products.

Three shareholders also joined this year: Theo Klaassen, Hette Feenstra and Herbert van Donselaar"


Founding of Yellax Belgium bvba

Establishment of the first branch outside the Netherlands, Yellax Belgium located in Hasselt.


Yellax name change

"The name was changed from Yellax Engineering B.V. to Yellax Nederland B.V. in the run-up to foreign activities.

From 2018, the transition from product-oriented to solution-oriented would become clear in the market. We are a knowledge partner that offers tailor-made advice, specialises in technology and focuses on the human aspect to process optimisation and team-building in the engineering teams of our customers. The software applications ""Typical Manager"" and ""BeeFinity"" are thus tools that help our customers to design their industrial controls even more effectively."


New managing director

From January 2020 onwards, Theo Klaassen took over the position of managing director from Patrick Vergeer.

Theo: "I would like to thank Patrick and the whole Yellax team for their trust and this honourable challenge. Together with our remarkable team, we have developed Yellax into a successful organization, of which I am truly proud! Nothing is more valuable than our open culture, accountability, passion and enthusiasm to add value to our customers every day. I will definitely work hard to progress these positive results in the coming years. We are aiming to become a progressive knowledge party that enjoys sharing its knowledge with the market. An organization in which the employee is put on a central spot and which can highly support customers from the Industrial Automation sector in standardization, automation and the process related to that. Essentially, there is a great amount of motivation to continue working with our excellent team and drive our business forward!

Employee story

Working at Yellax means being part of in a very nice team, where employees come first. We do a lot of knowledge sharing and regularly organise get together to socialise with colleagues. This helps to create a close-knit team, which gives me a lot of energy. Because consultants have to visit many different customers, our work is very diverse. And if you also consider the pleasant culture that prevails at Yellax, I really enjoy going to work every day.

Gerco Verweij

Employee story

Working at Yellax gives me the opportunity to look behind the scenes at various companies. It encourages me to use my knowledge to offer added value to every company. At the same time, it allows me to invest in myself by being open to other working methods and different perspectives at different customers. As a person, I fully enjoy this unique blend.

Ronald Stout
Hardware Engineer

Employee story

I work as a software developer on Typical Manager, which is the independent, multidisciplinary engineering platform of Yellax. We use Scrum as a development methodology when expanding and improving our application. A more important aspect of my work involves explaining the architecture of our applications and thus raising quality to a higher level. There is great appreciation if you come up with ideas. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, your voice is always heard.

Danny de Groot
Software Developer

Employee story

In my role as hardware engineer, I enjoy helping customers with issues encountered in their processes. It is satisfying when you not only see projects running smoothly, but also see your colleagues growing during the process. I get my energy from acting proactively during the process. I am happy to take matters into my own hands and encourage the team to work together to focus on our goal. We end the week with our close-knit Yellax family, which helps to keep our work enjoyable.

Dwight Bruno
Hardware Engineer

Employee story

As a consultant, I help our customers to optimise their engineering processes. This involves contributing to technical solutions and improving business processes that relate to engineering. Communicating and cooperating with customers is an important part of my work. This, and the technology we use, makes my work challenging and fun. Every time, I want to work with customers to find the most suitable solution. When the results of changes become visible, I go to the next challenge with a satisfied feeling.

Martijn de Kwant

The Yellax Team

Adriaan van Commenee
René Klijn
Sven Velthuis
Jacques de Beer
Evert Jan van Essen
Raymon Both
Gerwin Bakker
Pamela Verburg-Polfliet
Swen van der Burgt
Sander Haytink
Dwight Bruno
Alex Boven
Maurits Duel
Sjoerd Koppen
Dennis van der Horst
Werner Hoogeveen
Rik de Gast
Frank Verhülsdonk
Carlo Stam
Bryan Van Ooijen
Patrick Vergeer
Theo Klaassen
Daphne Neele
Jacco Aalbers
Michel Mooren
Martijn Maaswinkel
Dion Koenders
Arjan Ippel
Herbert van Donselaar
Robert Eikhout
Ilse Otten
Robert Braakman
Wilger Tuk
Michel Mansveld
Sven van Alem
Danny de Groot
Hette Feenstra
Hein Overeijnder
Martijn de Kwant
Wouter Huizer
Robbert Klein
Edwin Draijer
Arwin Westerman

What do we do?

Yellax reduces inefficiencies by standardising, structuring and motivating in the field of industrial automation.


Yellax is an independent knowledge partner when it comes to standardisation, structuring and automation.

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Project support

Yellax can temporarily support your team using software and hardware engineers that possess the required domain knowledge.


Typical Manager

Typical Manager is an independent engineering platform which registers your standards and generates project documentation.

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BeeFinity is an independent platform that allows you to manage, search and select all your electrical products online.

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