Why a quality scan over the product database?

Why a quality scan over the product database?

19 May 2020

By gaining insight into the content of your product database, you can assess the quality. Based on these insights, you are able to improve the quality of your data. A qualitatively better product database means fewer errors and more efficient work.

There are several methods when it comes to product data management. For example, management can be done by one person within the organization, who works on this every day. Product management can also be done by different engineers, who each create new products and document them in their own way. There is no exact right or wrong method for data management, but in any case, we come across incorrect or incomplete product information in every single database.

Problem statement

When we ask a company how they have arranged their product management, we are often told that this is going “fine” and that there are hardly any problems. However, if we dive into more detail, we come across several important aspects that could be improved. Duplicated items, type numbers, order numbers, missing specifications or missing product dimensions. This is worrisome, because many errors, in procurement, for example, are unnecessarily made because of this incorrect data.

How does the quality scan work?

We start this process by going through a short questionnaire together. Through this questionnaire, we gain insights into which aspects are important to your product data. The existing Eplan product database is then exported to our BI software and the scan will be executed. The scan is studied extensively to draw recommendations from it. To wrap up, we organize a short online evaluation moment with each other to discuss the outcome.

“On your end, the entire scan takes you about half an hour of time investment”.

In summary:

The article scan ensures that you gain insight into:

  • Data quality;
  • Uniformity;
  • Topicality;
  • Integrality;
  • Recommendations for future management.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information? We are happy to contact you.

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