Typical Manager and Eplan Cogineer: a powerful generating combination!

Typical Manager and Eplan Cogineer: a powerful generating combination!

09 March 2021

With the arrival of Cogineer, Eplan has launched a new software module for generating electrical schematics. Eplan Cogineer provides a great next step in improving and increasing efficiency. By generating schematics instead of drawing, copying errors are prevented and uniformity is created, regardless of the engineer. Cogineer can be used in collaboration with Typical Manager, which results in various advantages. As such, it can be seen as an adequate combination!


Cogineer makes it possible to partially automate the manual placing of macros. Based on the defined drawing rules in the designer, macros can be instantiated in the project builder. Instantiation is defined as the automatic placing of the same macros several times, after which they have to be made unique manually.


Powerful combination

To further automate the preparation of the electrical schematics, Typical Manager can be used in combination with Cogineer. Typical Manager is then used to import project tag lists, compile machines and manage project data. PLC hardware configurations can also be created in Typical Manager to easily organize the existing project I/O automatically or manually. As soon as the project has been compiled in Typical Manager, an XML file can be prepared. This file can then be imported into Cogineer, after which the instances are automatically created and the data inserted. Pressing the “generate” button results in the desired uniform electrical schematics. With the latest, smart Typical Manager functionalities, a very high degree of generation can be achieved.


The result an organization is able to achieve with generating electrical schematics in Cogineer all depends on the design of the macros. For an organization, it is necessary to first have a clear view of the company objectives. Based on these objectives, you can make decisions for your macro design. We therefore always discuss the objectives and the right strategy first. With excellent advice and valuable support in the design, a powerful generating process is guaranteed.

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