Make simple data management your standard!

Make simple data management your standard!

18 June 2019

Our Yellax team wants to provide added value! Therefore, BeeFinity has been developed in consultation with a number of our customers. BeeFinity is the multidisciplinary online platform that makes data management easier, smarter and more simplified. The foregoing goal fits perfectly with Yellax’s mission: To improve the value proposition of companies within the Industrial Automation branch and exceed customer expectations through our expertise and close customer relationship.

Information flows can often be qualitatively improved, standardized and automated. Yellax supports customers in these multi- and monodisciplinary standardization processes, with or without Typical Manager. Quality management of products is a major challenge that we regularly encounter in hardware standardization. Product data is often managed on multiple platforms and edited by multiple people from multiple disciplines. Each with its own method and documentation style.

In addition, creating, managing and searching for the right products is a time-consuming task. BeeFinity is the solution for these challenges, as it offers one platform in which all engineering product data of organizations comes together. An example of one of the functionalities of BeeFinity is the easy classification and search of products based on properties and manufacturer/type numbers. In addition, it is possible to perform bulk actions so that mutations can be performed quickly and unambiguously. Moreover, imports and exports are possible in various formats such as XML and XLSX. Generally, BeeFinity offers the solution to manage all product data at one central source, to quickly make the right product decisions and to distribute standardized product data to all necessary applications within or outside your organization.

As the backbone of the system, the European product classification standard called ‘ETIM’ is used within BeeFinity which ensures uniformity in all your product data.

Nonetheless, it is possible to add universal and/or customer-specific specifications to the platform and to add properties to particular products. Yellax believes in searching based on classification and characteristics, which makes BeeFinity a valuable addition to Typical Manager. We also integrate with online data pools such as 2BA to provide our customers access to millions of products they could download and manage.

Yellax aims to be the partner in guiding and advising standardization processes to achieve your company goals. This can only succeed if all stakeholders in the process are taken into account. Therefore, we make sure that we pay attention to the structure of the organization and the people who work in it.

An optimal result is achieved together. With BeeFinity you have the solution to manage and distribute classified product data at one central source to multiple others.


Feel free to contact us for more information or a live demo to see it yourself!

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