Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Yellax supports Equipment Manufacturers in the industry with consultancy, support, Typical Manager and BeeFinity.

  • Multidisciplinary standardisation
  • Configure
  • Modularity
  • International

Standardization and flexibility

Why Yellax for OEM?

As a Equipment Manufacturer you are dealing with a multidisciplinary design process, various customer standards, existing and new products.

Within the multidisciplinary design process it is important to coordinate the design process with suppliers and customers. This means that relational connections must be secured in information flows.

Within the R&D department the focus is of course much more on innovativeness and innovation compared to the often partly automated production process. The latter requires fundamentally different attention (smart manufacturing) although it is also essential to position R&D in this value chain.

Yellax adds value by advising and supporting machine builders in the interdisciplinary design process, the process from engineering to configuration, setting up a mono or multidisciplinary standard and securing and automating this standard in your organization. The current and intended application landscape, including information flows, are also taken into account.