Yellax now a Smart Industry ambassador and FME member

Yellax now a Smart Industry ambassador and FME member

06 March 2019

Yellax has now become a member of the FME, which is the employer’s organisation for the technology industry. The organisation aims to mobilise and connect technology companies with one another and with society as a whole. This involves focusing on needs or challenges that can be resolved using technology. The FME is closely involved with the Smart Industry design. This is one of the many reasons why Yellax has decided to become a member of the FME. After all, Yellax is an ambassador for Smart Industry.

Smart Industry aims to make sure the Netherlands has the most flexible and digitally connected production network in Europe by 2021. The main objective behind the Implementation agenda is to accelerate the rate of digitalisation within companies. Serving as a Smart Industry ambassador is consistent with Yellax’s mission of optimising technical design processes within industrial automation. Smart Industry ambassadors are companies and institutions that are ready for the future and play an active role in realising the Smart Industry action agenda. They possess certain knowledge, which they are pleased to share via the Smart Industry network. Smart Industry is a development that can only succeed if companies, employees, schools, researchers and governments work together. And this requires collaboration and knowledge-sharing within a network.

Visit the following website to see how Smart Industry can benefit you: Or please contact Yellax

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